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  • In partnership with GAIA education conduct a four -week comprehensive course on eco village design education attracting participants across the  globe. Participants are certified and can become eco ambassadors/fellows and can conduct similar training in their community.
  • Promote and conduct practical  trainings on eco design, construction and  regenerative practices. Waste zero Facilitates in Eco-design and construction of structures using locally available materials. Structures vary from social halls, schools, rescue centre etc provided it supports the village/community and is based on inclusive, participatory needs assessment.
  • Permaculture and recycling initiatives. This is dependant on location and contextualisation
  • Develop linkage and networks between Community Based Organizations and development partners, governments and other supportive social enterprises for the purpose of exchange of information, experiences, best practices, resources mobilization, creation of new markets and for the educational, scientific social and economic development.
  • Conduct awareness and practical outreach activities on eco consciousness in local schools.

Mentorship & support

  • Provide mentorship and technical support to community groups adopting Eco living practices i.e.. Eco construction, organic farming- permaculture , recycling etc.
  • Empower and support local community groups form a strong network for lobbying and advocacy on climate change at both county and national level
  • Promote and offer information on sustainable living through Eco-work camps, outreach activities and holding networking knowledge sharing workshops and conferences.
  • Support and provide technical capacity to women and youth groups  in the incubation, promotion and growth of recycling as a social enterprises.
  • Support community groups rediscover and promote the use of  art and music in the community
  • Encourage and promote the use of  medicinal plants in communities

Conduct Research

  • Waste Zero encourage partnerships with institutions of higher learning and research, for the benefit of grassroot initiatives and in particular in the areas related to Eco-sustainable living
  • Conduct research, document and publish on national, regional and global issues relating to climate change, eco living, green energy, regenerative practices recycling and other areas of social development for policy advocacy at both county and national level.
  • Offer consultancy on participatory methodologies thematic area and other areas of social development.

How we do it

Waste Zero will host eco -workcamps after two month or every quarter (dependant on weather patterns and project demand) with 10-30 participants max both local and international who will be engaged in natural building construction of i.e. community structure (aligned with our partners community assessed need) projects could range from social halls, education/ceremonial facility, child protection centre etc (to be ascertained based on participatory needs assessment).


Participants will also be engaged on permaculture and other holistic regenerative practices.

Our partners will be tasked with providing materials or contribute to the project by providing materials required for the construction (this will be dependent on their capacity) while Waste zero will provide manpower (labour) and technical expertise/ skills on eco-construction (natural building) and other regenerative practical skills that can be adopted in a particular community setting.

Waste Zero will select youths in polytechnics to become interns during the project and provide the technical skills on eco- construction that can be used by participants as a livelihood opportunity.

We will also provide certification to successful interns after we have evaluated their engagement during the entire project. We will also offer follow mentorships to those interns who wish to expand their expertise and engage them in other similar project within and outside the county.

Waste Zero- back to the future provides eco design training and practical technical skills to counties and community groups for free where ideas on eco-friendly living can be tried out in a real life setting. We will use easily available local resources and materials to address housing and waste management challenges and hopefully, with time, rolled out proven solutions across nation to address the endemic problems.

The projects sources for different expertise in the various field Natural building, permaculture, recycling, green energy based on community assessment conducted. A curriculum is tailor made and program specifics shared with interested participants highlighting activities from day one to project closure.

Depending on the scope of project our activities run between 3weeks – 3month however our facilitators are flexible to select specific duration of time that works with their schedule (for example a facilitator could fly in for a week or so cover course content both practical and theory).

Bio of our instructors is shared together with concrete program. On need basis we accommodate students who really want to do the experience but have less than 3weeks. We are however very careful on this and encourage all students to attend the entire Eco-camp and become certified.

Our Eco fellows could stay longer finalizing the project in case the project lasts more than 3 weeks projected.

Together with the facilitators a joint evaluation of project need is done to ensure project sufficient time to cover both course content and practical’s - project completion and handover to community, county government or partner.

Waste Zero believes strongly that communities have practical solutions embedded in their culture, tradition and practices which when shared in collaborative environment, we can co- create transformative solutions that will improve the living standards in local communities.