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Where your donation will be used

  • Exchange, teach, learn and enhance practical skills in natural building and permaculture, participatory community engagement, recycling, energy conservation and eco-living practices. As a Waste Zero intern, Apprentice , fellow or Volunteer you will gain valuable insight from your experience on understanding development and the 3rd world countries, opportunities and challenges faced by the country placement.
  • Promote the spirit of eco-living as you work in a multi-cultural and eco- workforce offering a positive and practical way of breaking down social and religious barriers and fostering understanding while assisting in the project deployed.
  • Join waste zero Eco- fellow and become an advocate of green practices this platform will propel exchange of best practices and fast track advocacy issues linked to climate change. Experience the African rhythm of life and get the best of intercultural exchange learn new practical skills while imparting your knowledge/experience.
  • Waste Zero Kenya offers you this opportunity which primarily is intended to educate people in the western (developed) world about developing countries and counter some negative images of the third world portrayed by the media. If you are from developing country global education is still an effective way to share your experience and to build global understanding.
  • An opportunity to practicing and in training professionals to put their skills and vocations in to good use while at the same time gaining valuable experience in their respective educational studies /disciplines.
  • To awaken greater self knowledge compassion, flexibility patience while you work with people from different parts of the world share culture value and experiences. An opportunity to travel as a volunteer cum responsible tourist/promote ethical tourism we offer our volunteers opportunity a chance to tour our country during free time.