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Waste Zero is a non profit organisation whose primary objective is to providing knowledge, skills and methodology on how to become self-sufficient while taking care of the environment and giving emphasis on regenerative practices. Our idea is to promote sustainable, natural living as a way to personal growth, health and well-being, promote livelihoods based on ecological values like permaculture, recycling natural building ultimately propelling self-sufficiency and empowerment of youth, women in communities. Waste Zero platform inspires and transform human consciousness, through sustainable living systems helping to create a positive future for humanity and our planet as a whole.

Our actions are holistic and promote experiential learning that is based on recognizing the interconnectedness of all life leading to sustainable choices for individuals, and for humanity as a whole. Waste Zero is a call to join the global movement on conscious, sustainable, natural living as a way to empowerment, unity and health in our community.

What we do

  • Promote and conduct practical  trainings on eco design, construction and  regenerative practices.
  • Provide mentorship and technical support to community groups adopting Eco living practices i.e.. Eco construction, organic farming- permaculture , recycling etc.
  • Promote and offer information on sustainable living through Eco-work camps, outreach activities and holding networking knowledge sharing workshops and conferences.

  • Encourage partnerships with institutions of higher learning and research, for the benefit of grassroot initiatives and in particular in the areas related to Eco-sustainable living
  • Promote and support the adoption of green energy conservation, products and practices by establishing private public partnership in rural and urban areas.
  • Develop linkage and networks between Community Based Organizations and development partners, governments and other supportive social enterprises for the purpose of exchange of information, experiences, best practices, resources mobilization, creation of new markets and for the educational, scientific social and economic development.
  • Conduct research, document and publish on national, regional and global issues relating to climate change, eco living, green energy, regenerative practices recycling and other areas of social development for policy advocacy at both county and national level.
  • Offer consultancy on participatory methodologies  thematic area and other areas of social development.

Waste Zero- back to the future provides eco design training and practical technical skills to counties and community groups for free where ideas on eco-friendly living can be tried out in a real life setting. We will use easily available local resources and materials to address housing and waste management challenges and hopefully, with time, rolled out proven solutions across nation to address the endemic problems.